actagro organic acids®

A More Productive Soil Ecosystem

Increase nutrient availability, enhance fertilizer performance and improve soil health. With Actagro Organic Acids, growers can do all three. The proprietary, proven technology enhances the movement of nutrients into and through the plant, helping to boost yield potential, and increases beneficial microbial activity in the soil. Actagro® manufactures plant nutrients reacted with stable humus components that are extremely efficient and highly plant responsive. Use seasonally through flexible foliar or soil application to recondition fields to become more productive and operations more profitable.

Key Benefits

Improves nutrient
availability and efficiency
Maximizes plant and soil
water-holding capacites
Enhances soil's cation
exchange capacity (CEC)
natural and not synthetic

Improving soil health is important to Ike Morein, who has been using Actagro Organic Acids to unlock the potential within the soil around his family farm in Ville Platte, Louisiana.

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