A revolutionary, naturally sustainable approach to nitrogen management
When applied with liquid N fertilizer, Proximus® reduces nitrate leaching and increases plant Nitrogen Use Efficiency, boosting crop quality and yields.
69% Less Leaching

Less Leaching

Used in conjunction with conventional fertilizers, Proximus increases natural microbial populations within the soil to greatly reduce the loss of valuable nutrients. It enables nutrients to stay in the crop root zone longer, reducing the opportunity for loss or movement into groundwater. During a season-long field study, use of Proximus reduced leaching by 69 percent1.
23% More Nitrogen in your crop

More Nitrogen in your crop

Increases Nitrogen Use Efficiency by up to 23 percent2.
15% Higher Yields

Higher Yields

In multiple replicated field trials in corn, crops treated with Proximus yielded up to 15 percent higher than those treated with UAN alone. When applied with liquid N fertilizer at the start of planting, Proximus synchronizes the release of nitrogen when crop demand is highest1.

Use, don’t lose, your applied nitrogen

When growers apply nitrogen, the nutrient is extremely susceptible to losses through leaching. Weather and irrigation can leach down the majority of applied nitrogen. But the common fix — reapplying lost nitrogen or adding a nitrogen stabilizer — is costly, creates more work for farmers and doesn’t prevent future nitrogen leaching when it needs it most.

Proximus is a naturally sustainable solution that ensures nitrogen applications remain available to the crop. When applied with liquid N fertilizer, Proximus reduces nitrate leaching by increasing the natural microbial populations within the soil near the plant roots. These microbes prevent the nitrogen from leaching away while synchronizing nutrient delivery to the plant when it needs it most. The result is healthier soil, plants with stronger root mass, stronger stalks and greater grain fill.

The pioneering technology used to create Proximus doesn’t just make it more consistent and reliable than other products, it’s also the only naturally sustainable nitrogen depletion solution on the market. So while farmers are preventing nitrogen losses into the environment, they’re growing naturally stronger and higher yielding plants. That’s a product that works hard for farmers – and makes sure their hard work pays off.

15% Higher Yields
Season long effect of Proximus on nitrate leaching. 100 lbs. UAN-N /acre with or without Proximus was surface-applied to the soil. Control treatment is shown at zero. Across the season, the Proximus treatment had 69% less nitrate in leachate compared to the UAN-only treatment (p = 0.01), and the concentration of nitrate in leachate was not statistically different from the control, which received no UAN. Repeated measures ANOVA was employed.

Proximus will be available in select U.S. markets for the 2017 growing season.
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