Reacted Carbon Technology

Engineered for Superior Performance

Reacted Carbon Technology™ (RCT) is a platform that encompasses a wide range of complex carbon mixtures that have been precisely designed for specific performance and agronomic benefits. Derived from leonardite, our organic matter is a complex mixture of molecules ranging in size, composition, and chemical functionality . Every product in the RCT line has a different extraction and reaction process and was developed for certain elements, nutrients, or effects on the soil.

Key Benefits

Unique Complex
Carbon Mixtures
Tailored for Specific
Designed for
Agronomic Benefits
Increased Product


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Plants deposit carbon into the soil via root exudates to help negate charge and increase absorption into the plant around the root zone. Reacted Carbon Technology contains a blend of Available and Less Available carbon, designed by Actagro with carbon blend and nutrients in mind, to optimize performance. This process is similar to what the plants are doing naturally. And when this technology is applied in the furrow, 2×2, with irrigation, or strip banded in early spring, there is a concentrated band of nutrients coupled with carbon and carbohydrates to provide high nutrient availability.