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The Actagro Difference

Truly successful farming is as much about what goes on below ground as what goes on above. Actagro delivers technology-driven solutions designed to maximize crop performance above the surface by enhancing soil health and minimizing nutrient losses below.

Modern farming practices have elevated crop yields to previously unprecedented heights, and growers are closing in on being able to feed an expanding global population. But to go even further, attention needs to turn to the beneath-the-surface challenges holding back farms’ full potential.

Local and Global Opportunities

4.4 billion pounds

Amount of nutrients U.S. farmers are losing each year to the environment1


Potential for increase in food production from more sustainable soil management worldwide2

$37 billion

Estimated net economic benefit for each 1% of U.S. cropland that improves soil health1

Challenges to the

Soil Health

Soil conditions on the world’s farmland have been in steady decline for decades. While technologies have driven up yield potential, soil health must rebound to truly unlock maximum performance and profit.

Water Management

With poor soil health comes poor aeration, stunted water penetration and increased runoff. Crop productivity is diminished, and water quality concerns can lead to increased regulatory risks.

Nutrient Use Efficiency

Applied nutrients like nitrogen are extremely susceptible to being lost from the root zone via leaching. This leads to wasted fertilizer dollars and environmental concerns. Common fixes are often expensive and inefficient, and some rely on disrupting natural soil bacteria important to crop and soil health.

R&D Inspired By Nature

Instead of trying to work around Mother Nature, Actagro has spent the past four decades finding innovative ways to harness natural processes that improve soil and plant health. Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to feed beneficial soil microbes, improve nutrient uptake and complement conventional plant nutrition. It’s the sustainable approach to improving crop productivity – science in harmony with nature.

Our team of Ph.D. scientists and supporting researchers has grown to >15 dedicated and motivated people from leading universities around the world. We do our work in a $10 million state-of-the-art technology center opened in 2019 in the Central Valley of California, and we pursue collaborations with industry and public and private research institutions globally. Our expertise is in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Agronomy, Soil Science and Plant Science. It’s no surprise that we are recognized as a leading innovator in the growing area of soil and plant health.



A strong focus on research and development has yielded a unique, patent-protected line of soil productivity products unmatched by the competition. State-of-the-art Actagro technologies have been proven in the field and in replicated trials for more than 35 years.

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