Primary Nutrients

Katalyst (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium, and, with it, farmers have seen better agronomic and tissue responses. Using a unique Reacted Carbon Technology, Katalyst has been proven to outperform other potassium products with significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake.

Monarch (2-20-15) is an effective primary plant nutrient that is high in potassium and phosphate, and designed for safe foliar applications. The proprietary formulation of Monarch® allows it to quickly penetrate the waxy surface of the leaf, increasing the absorption rate into the plant with very little risk of plant phytotoxicity.

Phocon (3-12-3) is a balanced foliar nutrient highly effective in optimizing nutritional conditions, benefiting maturity and growth. This unique plant nutrient has also been shown to optimize conditions for more blossoms and improved fruit size, while increasing yield and overall return on investment.

Structure (7-21-0 with 0.2% Zinc) is specially engineered as a significantly more mobile, efficient, and available form of soil-applied phosphate. Replicated trials over many years have consistently shown that Structure creates a positive growth response in plants, resulting in increasing yields with less phosphate being applied.


Resist 57 is a fungicide for the control of phytophthora, downy mildew, pythium, and other labeled diseases on agricultural and greenhouse crops, indoor and outdoor ornamentals, bedding plants, turf and commercial forestry and domestic trees including conifers, pines, oaks, and post-harvest agricultural treatment.

Soil Amendments

Actagro Liquid Humus enhances native soil microbial activity and improves CEC and water holding capacity to improve the soil health and function for your crop. This in turn brings plant and root stimulation effects to grow more roots, finer root hairs, increases root exudates, and improves mineralization of carbon and nutrients in the root zone.


Humic Acid 10% is an auxiliary soil and plant substance, which can be combined with other fertilizers or can be applied by itself. Humic Acid 10% is non-phytotoxic, when used as directed. This product is approved for organic farming by the Organic Materials Review Institute, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Washington State Department of

Secondary Nutrients

Actagro Manganese 4% is a highly available form of liquid manganese (Mn) made with Reacted Carbon Technology.

Micro Booster is a premium blend of Actagro Micronutrients and contains: 4% Nitrogen, 2.5% Sulfur, 1% Iron, 1% Manganese, and 3% Zinc

Actagro 6.5% Zinc is a highly available form of liquid zinc (Zn) made with Reacted Carbon Technology.