From dormancy until early leaf-out, nut trees have minimal soil nutrient uptake, causing the plant to rely on stored nutrients. Post-harvest fertilization replenishes the tree and prepares it for a successful season, with proper nutrition, when it wakes in the Spring. Our superior blend, with Actagro Liquid Humus, Structure, and Katalyst FS, rebuilds carbohydrates, provides energy to transfer and store nutrients, promotes root growth, and helps protect the nutrients from rapid tie-up in the soil.

Encourage Root Growth

With water being cut-off prior to harvesting, trees become dehydrated and can suffer from root damage. Post-harvest is an opportune time to correct this damage and promote new root growth with Structure®. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and zinc in Structure® work together to increase nutrient uptake and strengthen the root system.

Replenish Nutrients for Next Season

Katalyst® is a 0-0-25 (with 3.5% Actagro Organic Acids®) low salt index product that blends well with UN32. It has been complexed with organic acids, which goes way beyond a cold blending of these ingredients. This nutrient complex not only delivers potassium, but also “activates” the plant to trigger increased absorption of key nutrients from the soil.

Revitalize the Soil

Actagro Liquid Humus® (with 22% Actagro Organic Acids®) is the only soil amendment on the market able to provide both a humin component and a carbohydrate package, in addition to humic and fulvic acids. This patented four part system stimulates beneficial microbes, increases CEC and water retention, and improves overall soil health.

Download the White Paper on Rebuilding Roots