From dormancy until early leaf-out, grape vines have minimal soil nutrient uptake, causing the plant to rely on stored nutrients. Post-harvest fertilization replenishes the vine and prepares it for a successful season, with proper nutrition, when it wakes in the Spring. Our superior blend, with Actagro Liquid Humus®, Structure®, and Katalyst FS®, rebuilds carbohydrates, provides energy to transfer and store nutrients, promotes root growth, and helps protect the nutrients from rapid tie-up in the soil.

Encourage Root Growth

Post-harvest is an opportune time to promote new root growth with Structure. Structure (7-21-0 with 0.2% Zinc) is specially engineered as a significantly more mobile, efficient, and available form of soil-applied phosphate. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and zinc in Structure work together to increase nutrient uptake and strengthen the root system.

Replenish Nutrients for Next Season

Katalyst FS
Katalyst FS (0-0-30) is a highly available form of liquid potassium with a low salt index. With it, farmers have seen better agronomic and tissue responses. Using a unique Reacted Carbon™ Technology, Katalyst FS has been proven to outperform other potassium products with significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake. Improved potassium uptake means healthier crops and a higher yield potential.

Revitalize the Soil

Actagro Liquid Humus enhances native soil microbial activity, while also improving CEC and water holding capacity, to improve overall soil health and crop function. Replicated lab and field results over the past 35 years have shown that Actagro Liquid Humus can help develop greater root mass and finer root hairs, increase root exudates, and improve mineralization of carbon and nutrients in the root zone for the benefit of the crop and the soil structure.

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