Katalyst (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium, and farmers have seen better agronomic and tissue responses in their corn and soybean crops. Whether foliar or soil applied, more potassium in the plant makes Katalyst the product you can rely on to feed your crop.

Superior Membrane Permeability

Our scientists have compared Katalyst with other leading potassium fertilizers and found significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake.

Proprietary Technology

For monovalent cations, membrane permeability is NOT related to nutrient complexation. Katalyst (K+) is a monovalent cation which does not chelate or complex with organic molecules. Its improved leaf penetration is created by its proprietary, reacted bio-carbon technology.

Improves Water Use Efficiency

Complexed to stimulate early growth, Katalyst fuels the plant’s carbohydrate translocation process and improves the efficiency of water use for healthy and more productive crops.

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