Results from hundreds of tissue samples over four years from Texas cotton should alert farmers of the need for in-season potassium. 73% of these samples taken from 1st flower through boll fill showed a need for more potassium, a nutrient that is important for fiber quality as well as improved water use efficiency.

Highly Available

Katalyst® (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium made with our unique Reacted CarbonTM Technology. With it, farmers have seen better agronomic and tissue responses.


Proven by Science

Using an in vitro system, our scientists have compared Katalyst with other leading potassium fertilizers and found significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake.

Foliar and Soil Permeability Study

Effective and Efficient

Katalyst fuels the plant’s carbohydrate translocation process and improves the efficiency of water use for healthier and more productive crops.

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