Katalyst (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium made with Reacted Carbon Technology™. Using an in vitro system, our scientists have compared Katalyst with other leading potassium fertilizers and found significantly better leaf penetration and root uptake.

Foliar Katalyst

Foliar absorption occurs when plant nutrients pass through the waxy cuticular membrane and/or the stomata. Various methods are employed to improve foliar absorption, but Actagro’s approach is different. Our products allow better penetration into the leaf by transporting more ions across the leaf surface and into the leaf. For leaves, rapid penetration is important because when the spray dries on the leaf, penetration cannot proceed.

Soil-Applied Katalyst

Permeability studies were conducted using an artificial membrane (for root/leaf). We measured the amount of K+ which passed through the membrane under various treatments, including Katalyst. The results are expressed in the relative permeability and are a measure of the amount of K+ that diffuses across the membrane over 18 hours. In these charts,larger numbers mean faster rates of penetration. For roots, rapid penetration is a measure of more efficient root uptake.

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