From Liquid Starters and Foliar Nutrition to Post-Harvest Protection,
Actagro has Your Complete Potato Program

Proven Soil Health Improvement

Actagro Liquid Humus
Actagro Liquid Humus® enhances native soil microbial activity while improving CEC and water holding capacity to improve the soil health and function for your crop. It also brings plant and root stimulation effects to grow more roots, finer root hairs, increases root exudates, and improves mineralization of carbon and nutrients in the root zone. The sum of all these activities, in turn, benefits crop production. These positive effects of Actagro Liquid Humus® have been proven by replicated science and in field results for over 35 years.

Superior Phosphate Mobility and Availability

Structure® 7-21-0 with.2% Zinc is the leading phosphate product for farmers interested in more mobile, and significantly more available phosphate. Structure is research proven to provide outstanding mobility, availability, and efficiency resulting in higher yields, improved crop quality, and outstanding ROI.

Increased Absorption of Key Nutrients

Katalyst™ is a 0-0-25 product that has been reacted with Actagro Technology, which goes way beyond a cold blending of ingredients. For 36 years, Actagro has been making reacted, high efficiency fertilizers. With Katalyst, this nutrient complex not only delivers potassium to the crop, but also “activates” the plant to trigger increased absorption of key nutrients from the soil. With this technology, farmers often see nutrient tissue level increases that greatly exceed applied levels.

Improved Storage Protection

Resist 57™ is a fungicide for the control of phytophthora, downey mildew, and various other diseases on agricultural and greenhouse crops. In trials, Resist 57 has out performed current industry chemicals in the control of disease, such as Late Blight in potatoes.

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