At this point in growth, overall nutrition is especially important for nut trees. Ensure your trees have the proper nutrition now, to maintain fruit development and maximize strong internal growth, to help prepare the tree for abiotic stress.

Actagro has a full-line of products, scientifically proven to be more efficient and help deliver higher yields and outstanding ROI.

Katalyst FS

Potassium is a peak demand after crop set, so use the product that has been scientifically proven to have increased root and leaf permeability. Katalyst FS (0-0-30) is a low salt index product and is compatible with other Actagro products, like Monarch.


Monarch (2-20-15) is an effective primary plant nutrient that is high in potassium and phosphate. The proprietary formulation of Monarch allows it to quickly penetrate the waxy surface of the leaf, increasing the absorption rate of the plant with less risk of damage or phytotoxicity.


Actagro has a full line of micronutrients complexed using Actagro technology, which allows these nutrients to be absorbed more easily into the leaf. Actagro micros also contain a mixture of complexing agents, and a range of stability constants, not just one chelating agent, like EDTA, which is often not optimized for the situation. This provides flexibility and optimum performance across various environmental and application conditions.

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