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nitrate leaching

Ensure nitrogen remains available to crops when it’s needed most. Proximus® backed by Nutri-Guard® Technology is the only naturally sustainable product on the market proven to increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) while reducing nitrate leaching. With this innovative technology, farmers can improve their crop performance with less impact on the environment.

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Works with Natural Soil Processes

Applied with UAN fertilizer, Proximus increases the natural microbial populations within the soil. These microbes synchronize nutrient delivery to the plant and reduce losses through leaching. Its mode of action enhances the naturally-occurring nitrogen cycle, creating an ebb and flow of available nitrogen in the root zone throughout the growing season.

  • Increases NUE, enabling greater and more rapid crop uptake
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria and natural soil processes
  • Naturally-sustainable ingredients
  • Safe for all crops when used as labeled

Slow Nitrate Leaching

Nitrogen loss due to nitrate leaching is a concern many growers and their communities share. Common approaches to compensate for nitrogen loss are higher application rates, additional applications or adding a nitrogen stabilizer. However, adding more nitrogen only increases the risk of leaching and nitrogen stabilizers attack natural soil bacteria that may be beneficial to reducing leaching later in the season.

Proximus ensures nitrogen applications remain available to the crop, eliminating the need to increase rates, reapply or disrupt natural systems. Instead, it helps to gradually release the nitrogen pool back into the soil, allowing crop uptake while minimizing leaching into groundwater.

Proof in the Numbers

increased nitrogen availability in multiple field trials
resulted in higher yields than when crops were treated with UAN alone
reduced leaching when mixed with UAN fertilizer in trials

Backed by Research

Actagro® utilizes third-party field trials and greenhouses throughout the U.S. and internationally to test performance where it matters. A team of agronomists and scientists studied Proximus for three years in over 25 studies to produce a formulation that delivers results.

1Source: Actagro, 2016. Based on 12 trials across the U.S.
2Source: Actagro, 2014, 2016. Based on replicated and on-farm trials across 13 locations.

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