K Supercharged

Katalyst (0-0-25) is a highly available form of liquid potassium, and farmers have seen better agronomic and tissue responses in their corn and soybean crops. Whether foliar or soil applied, more potassium in the plant makes Katalyst the product you can rely on to feed your crop.

Post Harvest Nutrition

From dormancy until early leaf-out, nut trees have minimal soil nutrient uptake, causing the plant to rely on stored nutrients. Post-harvest fertilization replenishes the tree and prepares it for a successful season, with proper nutrition, when it wakes in the Spring. Our superior blend, with Actagro Liquid Humus, Structure, and…

Actagro Tree Nut Solutions

At this point in growth, overall nutrition is especially important for nut trees. Ensure your trees have the proper nutrition now, to maintain fruit development and maximize strong internal growth, to help prepare the tree for abiotic stress. Actagro has a full-line of products, scientifically proven to be more efficient…

Supercharge Your Tubers

From Liquid Starters and Foliar Nutrition to Post-Harvest Protection, Actagro has Your Complete Potato Program